“Choosing Wisely !!! ” — C++ Containers and Big-Oh complexity

Why we have different data structures in programming languages? Is there a real impact in terms of time and resources consumption? Yes, there is. I will use C++ programming language as reference.

Types of containers supported by STL

Container Presents in C++

Containers and Complexity

The next tables resumes the Bih-Oh consumption for each container, thinking when we are insert a new element, access an elements, erase in front or in middle, find, …

C++ STL Containers Complexity

Table from: “ STL Container Performance

When to use? What is the best container for each scenario?

We have to take in consideration some points:

The follow flowchart cam be used as azimuth when we have to choose the wright container for write propose

Flowchart based on: “ In which scenario do I use a particular STL container ?

Rules of Thumb

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