16 Delicious Flavors Of Natural Juices For You To Make At Home!

For breakfast, after lunch, after physical activity or simply in the afternoon … Who Resist a delicious fruit juice? In addition to being delicious, juices made from fruits are super healthy and can be part of anyone’s daily life, they are even a great option to replace the consumption of soft drinks that are so bad for your health.

But beware, to enjoy the benefits, the juices must be natural!

Below you can check, after all, what benefits natural juices can offer to your health and know a list with 26 delicious and super practical recipes that you can start preparing today at home!

Apple juice is a very tasty, refreshing and super simple drink to be made. Always remember to use organic fruit for a result that blends flavor and health. Just beat the fruit with water and a little sugar and your juice will be ready to be ingested.

Juice made with Tahiti lemon, ideal for hot days. That’s because in addition to the water, you’ll beat the liquid along with several ice cubes and a little sugar. It is almost like a slushie, or ice cream, and is extremely fresh and delicious.

A very simple recipe for a juice that has become a sensation throughout the country. You will use pineapple with crumbs, mint leaves, water, ice, sugar or sweetener. Blend everything in a blender and your delight will be ready in just a few seconds.

Cashew juice, like lemon juice, is great for dealing with that hangover that is never welcome. It comes with cashew nuts, water, sugar, lemon juice and ice. It’s good to sift after it’s ready so it doesn’t get too thick. It’s delicious and very easy to make.

Grape juice is famous for being strong and full-bodied, often having to be diluted with water. One of the great qualities of this juice is that it acts as a natural antidepressant and cancer prevention thanks to vitamin B and antioxidants.

Consumption is recommended in full or diluted in water, well chilled.

Passion fruit juice has calming properties that make the juice ideal to be consumed in hot seasons such as summer.

In addition, the fruit has a good amount of vitamins A, B and C and acts as an antioxidant, preventing the aging of cells and organs. It’s a wild recipe that can’t be missing from your menu!

The most traditional of the group, orange juice cannot be missing from its menu. He’s everyone’s darling and it’s hard to find someone you don’t like.

Rich in vitamin C, orange helps treat and prevent flu and is also an antioxidant.

You can invest in traditional orange juice or in mixtures such as orange and acerola, orange and strawberry and orange and papaya, for example.

The good thing about red fruit juices is that the choice of which elements to use is basically yours. Of course you can follow the recipe, but the more original it is, the better. In this one, you’ll use strawberry, cherry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, acai, and watermelon. It’s just sensational.

A very different combination that is not made by many people. You’ll takejuice orange, add sugar and frozen strawberries. Then just blend it all in a blender. The interesting thing about this recipe is the flavor that is very diverse and original.

Another innovative blend is kiwi with pear. You will use the pear with the same skin and chopped, and the kiwi without the skin, but also sliced. Add water and sugar and then just beat in a blender. Give it a try, you’ll love this combination, no doubt about it.

This recipe is made in a different way, before starting to prepare the juice you need to make the lemon balm tea. Once it’s ready, you’ll put it to freeze. When it’s very cold, take it out and blend it in a blender along with the strawberries and a sweetener to your liking.

In this recipe, acerola is combined with lemon to prepare a very citrusy and super healthy juice. In addition to the two fruits, you’ll only need water and honey to sweeten it. Afterwards, just enjoy the drink.

A delicious mango juice for those who love this sweet and very appetizing fruit. In this recipe you will also use orange juice, ginger, powdered cinnamon and, if needed, honey to sweeten it. It’s sensationally delicious, it’s simple to make, you just need to be careful with the amount of each ingredient.

Red juice is a very healthy option for you to drink and even give to your children. Because of its bright and fun color, they may be interested in this drink made with apples, carrots, beets, water and ginger. On top of that, you’re sure to love the taste of this blend.

Tomato juice is ideal for those people who like to impress their taste buds. Made with tomato, lemon, vodka, Tabasco pepper, salt, Worcestershire sauce, ice and celery stalks, you’ll taste this spicy and aphrodisiac drink and you’ll soon be excited to go to a party of those bombast s.

JuiceA very tasty juice, simple to be made and with a sweet taste for you who like this style of drink. You will use watermelon juice, cinnamon sticks and two to three tablespoons of honey. The taste is very good and will definitely help you to relax and refresh yourself on the most stressful days.

Whenever possible, prefer the most natural options possible, bringing a differentiated and healthy proposal to the menu. There are different types of natural juices. The most commonly found on the market are:

  • Whole juice: 100% made from fruit, without water or any other additives.
  • Organic juice: it is also whole, but uses only organic fruits, cultivated without pesticides.
  • Pulp juice: made by crushing the edible part of the fruit and later processed and frozen.

Since the focus is on natural and healthy options, alternatives such as boxed and canned juices are not very recommended, since these are industrialized products with very low nutritional value.

For example: nectar, which is widely consumed due to its low cost, has approximately 40% of fruit juice alone. The rest is made up of water, sugars, dyes and preservatives. In fact, there are now industrialized juice options on the market that contain more sugars than some soft drinks.

In addition to the classics that can’t be missed, such as orange, passion fruit and lemon juice, you can use other not-so-common fruits, vegetables and vegetables to create a diversified menu and tasty combinations and nutritious.

So, check out 10 side tips for natural and creative juices to conquer the most diverse tastes: