7 Recipes For Appetizing Sauces To Accompany Your Pasta

It’s not just Sunday that is pasta day. Anyone who likes pasta — as the Italians call it — wants to eat this delicacy every day. To make the dish even more delicious, nothing better than good sauces to go with it.

With that in mind, check out a list of 7 appetizing sauces for you to spice up your pasta and eat whenever you want! You can even try one a day — why not?

This recipe for shrimp sauce is ready in just 20 minutes and is not lacking in terms of flavor. If you have little time to cook, the tip here is to buy the shrimp already cleaned, to save the boring part of cleaning them.

The classic tomato sauce with a handful of fresh shrimp is the right choice to accompany a black pasta made with squid ink (known as nero di seppia). Try and see!

This creamy salmon sauce is easy to make and great for those who aren’t very fond of the accentuated taste of some fish, as it is much milder. As fish requires some kind of acidity in its preparation, use white wine, which makes the recipe a little more sophisticated.

This is the famous lazy and fast sauce, which can easily replace instant noodles, such as Miojo, and kill that craving for a tasty meal. Finish with Parmesan cheese to make it even better!

The 4 cheese sauce is an explosion of flavors, creamy and also a good option if you are too lazy to prepare something more elaborate. To make it more delicious, you can add ingredients such as white wine and refine the dish.

This carbonara sauce is super easy to make, with few ingredients it is delicious accompanied by a beautiful pasta.

Mushrooms are super tasty and can make your noodles even more delicious. Among the ingredients in the sauce are almonds, which can also be substituted for oat milk.

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