Every programmer has that language that charmed them, JS is mine

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Back in school, I learned programming using both C++ and Java, both kind of rigid and verbose languages. Great at what they were built for (the main reason why both of them are still around and still strong) but certainly not built for everyone.

JavaScript, on the other hand, is an extremely flexible language with a very warm community, so, in this article I want to share my love for JS with everyone and maybe charm a couple of people that maybe choosing a new language to learn or…

It’s okay, accepting it is the first step

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Picture this: you’ve got that ticket that you need done in two weeks, scratch that, now it’s one week, scratch that, now it’s 12 hours. We’ve all been there, procrastination is the biggest ailment of us who were born in the internet era. There’s so much to do but so little getting done.

But how should you address this issue? Well, approaching problems in the same way that computers do it, might help. After all, they’re the tools we built in order to be more efficient.

I want to tell you the…

Big O is used in many fields, specially math oriented fields, in software it denotes scalability

We’ve talked before about the importance of scaling, which is a key concept when you’re designing big systems that are going to keep growing and handling bigger and more complex loads over time.

While we already covered the bigger part of scaling a server and designing your software to scale either vertically or horizontally. Now it’s time to talk about scaling in a more specific way, the most atomic way that modern software has: functions.

See, we can detect what parts of our software…

Vertical vs. Horizontal, what? When? And how?

Containers can facilitate the process. Photo by Guillaume Bolduc on Unsplash

There comes a time in every online application’s life (every growing one, at least) when it needs to scale. Your old server just can’t handle the amount of requests it is getting.

Now, many online services like Amazon provide auto scaling, but if you’ve heard about AWS pricing and how high it can be, you know that you should use the tools it provides in the right way. That is, you need to scale and do it right.

Now, this article is gonna refer to scaling regarding software, that is, regarding the broad…

Coming from a Java and Javascript programmer

Look at that cute fella. That’s a gopher. Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

GO is a programming language created by Google back in the late 2000’s. It is statically typed, which means you have type safety like Typescript, it is compiled like its parent, C and it has every modern language’s bells and whistles like memory safety and garbage collection. Basically it is a modern version of C, a fast language with a modern syntax and built in concurrency support.

Naturally, having this mix, GO is a language that is gaining popularity over time, specially because it is really flexible, being used everywhere from scripting to…

SQL is so much more than CRUD operations

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SQL is a language used to query databases in most software systems around the world. It is pretty much a given for software developers and it is now used beyond the developer world, since it is required to understand and represent data.

But in the same way that SQL is now not only required for software developers, the day will come (and it’s coming) when basic CRUD operations, defined as Create, Read, Update and Delete; will no longer be required, they’ll be just the base line, the “Hello World” of SQL.


How an agile framework can be ironically be sluggish

So, SCRUM, it went from a trend to the new standard of agile and general software development. SCRUM was groundbreaking at its time, it changed the classic waterfall model which was rigid and implied a lot of work had to be done to change scopes and requirements. Well, not with SCRUM, now you had sprints, these short and intense cycles in which you had a goal and at the end of which you’d had a feasible product or improvement to show to your stakeholders.

The name comes from rugby, neat, right? Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

So, the main issue with SCRUM is…

Functional Programming can be a game changer for most old time programmers, maybe adopting one concept or two can be the baby steps you’re needing right now

Functional Programming is the new wave of hype coming our way, it actually has been here for a long time now. Programming languages like Haskell and Scala were already pretty strong within their own communities, but other languages like Javascript are taking it to the mainstream community.

Photo by Taras Shypka on Unsplash

Just like every type of migration in software, this should also be done slowly and progressively. So, in this short article, I’m gonna bring you three basic and simple concepts that may help you start migrating to functional or, at least, try to convince you to.

Declarative Programming

So, this is a bit of a…

Código más legible es código más mantenible y código más simple es código más legible.

Hay un paradigma que cada vez está más de moda, la programación funcional. Sin embargo, cambia muchas reglas de un mundo dominado por el paradigma orientado a objetos. Quizás la mejor forma de implementar (o migrar) a programación funcional es adoptar, inicialmente, parte de sus principios. El día de hoy te traigo tres conceptos claves que puede que quieras considerar incluir en tu estilo de escribir código.

Shahadat Rahman on Unsplash, Definición de “función” para Unsplash

Centrarse más en el qué y no en el cómo

Este es el primer concepto que se explica al hablar de programación funcional y, en particular, de programación declarativa. La programación declarativa es más una forma de aproximarse a los problemas que una…

Foto por NordWood Themes en Unsplash

Era la época de la simplicidad, del minimalismo, de lo sencillo. Si algo nos ha enseñado esta nueva era de información cada vez más fugaz es el valor de la información clara y concisa.

Para aquellos que ejercemos en el mundo de la programación es quizás más cierta que nunca esta afirmación y lo evidenciamos con cada nueva tecnología, lenguaje o framework (dicen que nacen más frameworks de JS por día que niños en el mundo).

Así es que, con esta sobrecarga de información, necesitamos que nuestra forma de comunicarnos sea lo más clara y ligera posible. …

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