Focus on your main goal

In this agitated world, do you have clear what your objective is? Where do you want to see yourself in the future, what are you pursuing with your career, what objective do you want to reach. Are you fighting with all your forces to reach that place? Or are you letting external forces drive you away from that? Just by saying yes to every opportunity that comes to you.

Be more selective with all the things that you allow to enter in your life; information, people, jobs. Don’t read things that you don’t think will help you in the future, learn and improve over the things that you’re going to use or you find useful. Learn and do.

If you can’t find a topic to learn try asking yourself several times:

  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What kind of works I want to do in the future?
  • Do I want to work on my own, for a company, with a partner?
  • What kind of things I want to build?

Write about your thoughts, find an answer to those questions.

Be more selective with the things you learn, don’t waste your time learning things because it’s what a good — Insert Profession — would do. Look through that and expand your vision, push your goals a little bit further and have them always on your mind (don’t forget them).

Learn what you think will enrich you or will help you to reach the place you want to be. Maybe even using a productivity system (like ZTD) to organize your time and having your goals always in mind, not losing focus of what you want to accomplish.

Just value your time and select the information you want to process, you can’t know everything about everything.