Why I Stopped Helping People and You Should Too
CamMi Pham

This is so, so true, but also so hard to “explain” to people that want your help! There’s this aura of “goodness” around the idea of help. It implies that if you refuse to help you’re bad and if you do help, it must be free (since “help” is coming from your heart!). As a blogger, I get hundreds of requests for help each week from people that basically want a free consultation on how to build their businesses. My wife is a psychologist and also a blogger and her situation is even more complicated, because in these social areas, people tend to think that you absolutely must help them (for free) because they’re dealing with life and emotional problems. If you don’t, you’re a really, really bad person. When my assistant responds basically saying (in nice ways) that help isn’t free, people get angry and sometimes refer to other blogger that give out free help, answer blog questions and emails (I think these people are doing a disservice to the whole industry). When I have a chance to respond to people directly, I always mention doctors. Yes, doctors do free work under certain circumstances, but most of the time they won’t help you (even save your life) if they’re not getting paid to do it. That also goes for any other activity that involves helping people. Help takes time and time is money.

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