Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter and Milo are headed to Berkeley

Looks like Steve Bannon, Ann Coulter and Milo Yiannopoulos are forming some kind of weird Trump-talking points Voltron, and are scheduled to speak at Berkeley again. Because — why not? You can say anything under the protective shield of, “but he’s gay.” I mean, never mind Milo’s advocacy for sexual intercourse with underaged boys — This “free speech” Voltron is getting ready to whip up the masses with arguments for why Antifa is a terrorist organization, all the while playing apologists for the “Jews will not replace us” tiki-torchers, and a guy who plowed into a crowd like David Carradine in Death Race 2000. Hold on — I mean — just like Jason Statham in “Death Race.” I think? Does Staham mow down innocent pedestrians like Carradine? I haven’t seen it. Anyhow.

I will be the first to say that the minority of lefties punching first and playing Tyler Durden in the street aren’t helping — But Based Stickman isn’t exactly the saint the alt-right paints him as — and this new Berkeley thing won’t help either. Is it legal? Sure. But, so is murder, so long as it’s you call it a war.

I’m sure Bannon, Coulter and Milo are loving it, as of course they would — and it seems to fly in the face of the lefty narrative that the fight clubs are working — because that’s their thing. Milo was born to troll — by his own admission. He is like a reverse identity politics black widow spider pushing the left into his trap.

Take it from someone who made a documentary of the Milo prototype — a guy named Tiny The Terrible — a foul-mouthed bisexual African American republican little person who appeared on the WWE on multiple occasions and ran for mayor of Pawtucket in 2006. So long as you were able to see the absurdity in the things coming out of his mouth, he was harmless — but the moment people allowed themselves to be offended, you had stepped into his trap. Tiny said he was, “like the white-spotted owl,” and had so many minority boxes checked off next to his name that you just couldn’t win when it came to an argument about identity politics. I don’t know if I agreed with him most of the time, but time after time, he was correct that it was an argument that you wouldn’t win so long as an anomaly like Tiny was in the room.

Milo knows this too. And just like Tiny, he loves the idea of people fighting over him. It’s a trap. It’s a trap. It’s a trap.

I get told that giving any critique of the left just gives fodder to Trump and his minions. That argument just holds no water. False. I would argue that casually advocating violence only gives Trump and his free-speech Voltron power, like the negatively charged slime in Ghostbusters giving rise to the Stay-Puffed Marshmallow Man feeding off of negative energy.

Everyone who is upset at this critique can stop sending me copies of “the fallacy of pacifism.” Got it. You can keep saying “it’s corny as shit to be all peace and flowers.” Go for it. Keep saying it. But I will continue to point out that the US government has shown us how much disregard it has for the rights of it’s citizens and their personal safety. They proved it when Trump’s goons routinely roughed me up — often for the “crime” of asking a question as a journalist. They proved it ten-fold at Standing Rock by shooting peaceful water protectors kneeling in prayer. They proved it again when the FBI, Homeland Security and ICE conducted a warrantless raid of the place we were staying at the RNC — and then had the balls to go on TV and lie about it, even though we filmed the whole thing from multiple angles and posted it on the internet. Oh sure — the inauguration with all it’s violence was tame in comparison to Standing Rock — though I must say the Capitol Police detaining me falsely for “having explosives” was a nice touch. For the record, I was passing out flowers, and this is another example of how they can seriously harm you — for no reason at all. Just claim that someone said you had a bomb. It doesn’t matter that they didn’t detain the accusers. Either there were no accusers, or they didn’t care. They do what they want.

Either way, it proves that if you push them enough, and they’ll show you the casual violence they are capable of committing and do so with lethal weapons. I’m definitely not saying, “do nothing.” I’m just saying don’t hit people — and if that’s not good enough, at least, don’t hit first — and don’t advocate for it from your laptop.

Yes, Trump encouraged his supporters back during the campaign to use violence and even to pay the legal fees of those who did so on his behalf, while those on the left peacefully took the beatings for a year, before switching the strategy to Fight Club. But taking the bait for more of this “us vs them” in the form of Antifa vs the Alt Right ignores that the real fight is the oligarchy and the corporatocracy vs the people.

This Fight Club nonsense is pushing disenfranchised, poor white people into the hands of card-carrying, flag-waving nazis. I don’t mean *all* of them — but it’s there on video — *some of them* are killing people in the streets. On the left, *some* of my so-called peaceful Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein supporting friends, casually fire off memes encouraging acts of violence. *Some,* not all.

So, then the broad brushes come out. And everyone is screaming about “the other,” referring to neighbors and people in the same low-income bracket who have just as little political power as Trump or the folks forming Trump’s Voltron. I’m not saying it’s a horseshoe, and I’m not saying it’s a mirror. It’s not. Trevor Noah’s centrist “Vegan ISIS” comparison is wildly inappropriate in the face of Heather Heyer’s death. But at least when you look back to the roots of this left-right standoff, both the Tea Party and Occupy remembered that it was the people in power that were the real villains.

The guy next door isn’t Hannibal Lecter. He’s more likely Hannibal Buress. It’s Star-Bellied Sneetchism. The “others” are the ones at the top peddling this horse-shit. It’s not horseshoe — It’s politicians and the corporate-owned media feeding you horse-shit. It’s Chuck Todd admitting that the mainstream media lied to try to push through Clinton, resulting in Trump. It’s 23 times the coverage for Trump than Sanders… leading to Trump. It is Sylvester McMonkey McBean.

They just see you as a pawn in their game. Stop feeding the trolls.

Rod Webber