The baby’s head down position during pregnancy

When the birthing time nears, the babies usually position themselves in the most convenient and common manner which is called the head down positioning. In this respect, the head of the baby comes downward, facing the route of the vagina. Sometimes, problems may arise especially when the babies don’t get to position their head downward.

Head down position baby during pregnancy takes place after the 32nd week of pregnancy. Here are some of the facts regarding this positioning that you need to know, especially if this this is going to be your first issue. Keep reading…

  • Head down position is when the baby’s head s facing the birth canal. This occurs during the advanced stage of the pregnancy signaling the birth time of the baby. During this whole time, it was possible for the baby to make a full rotation in the womb from the head-up to go head-down. This is a natural process which makes it easy for the babies to have an easy birth.
  • When the baby is in perfect position in the advanced days, the mother goes into the labor pain and generally, the delivery becomes a swift one, without much hassle. In this way, both the child and the mother have to go through less pain and quick recovery.
  • Sometimes it so happens that the babies don’t get to rotate perfectly and therefore, their face get positioned as facing the birth canal. This is unusual but can happen to mothers. This way, the labor becomes much painful and it takes longer than usual for the delivery to take place. This situation is called the ‘face presentation’ and can be seen in mostly cases of premature births.
  • There is another presentation called ‘Brow presentation’ where the baby’s face is positioned slightly upward. This is mostly common for postmature delivery.
  • There are many methods which can be applied if the baby’s head is not positioned properly and the delivery time is nearing. The healthiest of all the option is to go through some physical exercise. Make sure you have consulted your physician before doing yoga or any physical exercise.
  • According to the experts, do exercise in the form of regular household chores. This way, you would be relieved as well as remain stress-free. Do some floor scrubbing on your sitting properly. Being on your four while crouching makes the perfect position for the baby to get prepared to face the birth canal with its head.
  • Don’t always take rest, rather stay active. Being on your toe for most of the time makes the perfect scope for the baby to change its position to head down position. Also, walk. Walking creates movement in the pelvic position and it helps the baby in turn to turn upside down while the mother walks straight.
  • You can also try to do some exercise using the birthing balls. That might help.

Head down baby becomes convenient for the first-time mothers. Don’t worry, everything will fall into place.