Reasons for your belly button popping out during the course of pregnancy

One of the frequent questions which is posed by the would-be moms is whether pregnancy belly button pop up will emerge or stick out as well. If that is the case it is bound to happen and what you need to be aware is that if such a situation does occur does a woman have to worry.

The main reason for the belly button popping out is that the uterus goes on to push the abdomen forward. The pressure that the abdomen goes on to put pushes the belly button forward, and in some cases, it becomes protrude as well. The uterus is at an expanding stage very rapidly, which pushes forward on an average and this is 26 weeks to be precise. In the case of certain women, who are outie or a bit skinny, this stage is bound to happen in the second stage of pregnancy. This is when the lady goes on to discover that the pregnant belly button has stood up.

The popped-up belly button is something which you cannot avoid, and at the same, it must be said that it is harmless. This is when you had an outie or an inverted button to begin with. Do not panic as it is will get back to the original position after a stage of your delivery though it may go on to resemble a bit stretched out or live in. Just take it as a medal in your collection, and this is a moment which you need to be proud of on all counts. On the other, if you come across the fact that your belly button does not pop out, then do not worry for a split second as well. There have been many women whose belly buttons have never popped out, and this has been never a cause of worry for them as well. Sometimes there is question which is posed and that is there any correlation between the belly pop button and the gender of the baby. The answer to this question is a strict no on all counts.

Can the emergence of a popped-up belly button go on to the stage of umbilical hernia?

Some woman is known to have a hole or defect in the wall of the abdomen before pregnancy. This sort of situation or excess amount of gain in weight can go on to put pressure on the weak or the defective area and the net result is that the hernia may become noticeable. The hole goes on to become so large that the tissue can pass through, the hernia is so powerful that it begins to bulge around the umbilical area. In most cases, it is better to wait till you become no more pregnant to get this removed. But if this hernia is removed, it does mean that the tissue which is trapped in the defective area cannot be pushed back in, whereby surgery is the only option left.