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I’ve been auditing my systems lately. It turns out that I’ve added more structure than necessary.

Here’s an example: I journal first thing in the morning.

It’s on my sacred hour checklist which is the first thing I go to because it’s the first thing on my daily plan that I’ve laid out the night before.

I lay plans out the night before because it’s part of my reset routine but I also have accountability to my Pentathlon team because daily planning is worth 100 points.

Anyway, once I’ve journalled, I check it off on the checklist. …

We’ve seen some great companies gather their crowds on our Australian and NZ sites. We’ve seen that people are passionate about supporting brands that are sustainable and ethical.

We’ve also seen how crowdfunding has entered consumer culture. People have always voted with their dollars but with crowdfunding, that vote means a hell of a lot more.

From this vantage point, we feel like we’re uniquely placed to start a conversation about conscious consumption.

Many of us recycle, care about the environment, and think that orangutans shouldn’t be facing extinction. But what does it really mean to be a conscious consumer?

We’ve come up with an idea: the levels of consumption consciousness. …


Rosie Odsey

Here to help you become your most productive self so you can find the joy in your life’s work.

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