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I don’t really want to resort to what-about-ism but you seem to suggest that this increased call/level of violence is isolated to the political left, whilst I’d argue that both sides of the political spectrum are engaging in it. We’ve had Ted Nugent talk about assassinating Obama and H. Clinton (and getting invited to Trump’s White House), Trump blithely suggesting that the 2nd amendment could provide a way to take care of HRC. We’ve had years of people talking about assassinating Obama and burning effigies. 
Recently we had an uproar about Shakespeare in the Park’s depiction of Julius Caesar as Trump, whilst a similar depiction of Obama 5 years ago went past without a whimper.
To be honest I think violence and aggression is on the rise from both parts of the political spectrum due to an increased polarisation , which in turns leads to further entrenchment causing everything to be stuck in a vicious circle.
Increasing partisan behaviour by politicians in charge isn’t helping either, rather than reaching out across the divide to build bridges they seem more focussed on scoring points against the other party to play up for their own side. McConnell is a prime example of this as arguably the most obstructionist republican in modern times to now being the architect of the new healthcare bill which will disenfranchises millions (which will enrage more people leading to further polarisation) s
Either way, diatribes have replaced dialogues and everyone loses out when that happens…

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