VidCon Debrief

Happy to see other people being completely sickened at the official response down here in the comments.

As a woman, as a gamer, as a creative artist, screw this noise. I don’t need another busybody telling me how to react online, and I am so, so, so glad people are calling Anita out on her shit. It has nothing to do with her vagina, and everything to do with her ethics, her personality, and her lies.

She is a public figure and I dislike her tremendously for all the very public harm she has done to all women everywhere, painting us all as blushing retards who need other people to protect and coddle us. As weak little girls who panic at the first sign of dissent. As victims.

We are not all victims, and Anita’s way of distributing that message wholesale is toxic and dangerous.

There. I hope I couched that in words that are progressive enough to parse for the powers that be.


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