Time to redefine what it means to be in tech

Cartoon by © Arend van Dam
  • Stimulating cross-disciplinary debate, scholarship and collaboration across campus between engineering, social science and humanities
  • Developing cross-disciplinary thought around new technologies, societal/political implications to disseminate to the public
  • Promoting the teaching of critical thinking in engineering curricula
  • Promoting engaged and responsible scholarship among graduate students as it relates to research, design and integration of new technologies
  • Instituting structural opportunities for graduate students to do cross-disciplinary research on the societal impact of technology
  • What are the questions you want to be discussed?
  • What is currently missing in your education or research context?
  • And with what fields would you like to interact to broaden your perspectives?
  • If graduated, what do you wish you had learned more about to deal with the ethical issues of developing and deploying new technology today
    (Please leave your comments below the blog)



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Roel Dobbe

Roel Dobbe

Assistant Professor in Technology, Policy and Management at Delft University of Technology. Safety, sustainability and democracy challenges in AI Systems.