User Research

I like that you were thorough in your observations by looking at the types of things that caused clutter and what organization systems people already have. I also think it was smart to ask people whether or not they are even interested in purchasing a new bedside organization system to see if there is interest for a product.

I wish you would have ventured further off campus for your market research. I understand why it made sense to stay close by if you are looking at students specifically, but I think that really limited the current products you were able to see. I think a full size Target or other larger stores that are a bit farther away from campus would have had a lot more options for bedside organization.

What if your problem is not with bedside storage but with how to remove clutter around the bed in different ways that are not necessarily next to the bed. I like that you touched on this in one of your problem statements, it is an interesting way to think about this problem.

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