The GW-Support project aims to help Globalwork workers to have a more coordinated process of operational reporting of repair and maintenance cases, aided by a web application for support reports, in which users and support managers themselves can register them to follow up and resolve them efficiently and effectively.

The team working on this project is:

Daniel Villa Saldarriaga — Project Manager — Full stack developer. …

The communication of our computer or any device with the outside in any address or URL that you want to access does the following before being able to see the page loaded on our screen, for this we observe what happens in a summarized way when writing in our browser https: / / and press Enter.

First is to write the URL correctly in our browser, although it also depends on where we are going, the WEB can be well configured or not, sometimes you type but giving it only …

everything has to do with everything and everything else.

The IoT can have different ways of defining it, it all depends on our position where we are looking at the issue. For this, the context in which it takes place must be better understood, which I will try to explain in a simple way.


In artificial intelligence there is an important aspect in this technology, called machine learning, which for me is the most important concept. If a machine does not learn, understand, structure, model the data to be understood, all its other part that integrates artificial intelligence, such as data mining and everything that is linked to it, will be useless.

One day, at my grandmother’s house, something worried comes up to me, because my cousin stays locked in his room, studying until late at night and only talks about something called “Machine Learning”, or as she says michin linin .

Concerned that…

The memory management that phyton performs is a mysterious way that we are used to. The type and identification of objects and their nature play in this.

The memory management that phyton performs is a mysterious way that we are used to. The type and identification of objects and their nature play in this.

Now let’s see …

Let’s remember some concepts before starting with the wonderful world of memory and variables #pythoniscool :)

When we talk about object-oriented programming, we are left wondering what is an object? To avoid popping your head, it’s best to start with…

Why use libraries in general?

Would you create a building in a single block and place it in place?

I hope not!

For the creation of these structures, small parts such as pre-built bricks or wall blocks are made.

All these parts will make a great building that will be supported on our foundations and operated by its skeletal structure.

In this small analogy it would be the construction of programs, instead of a single block of code compiled with their libraries, it is better to create the programs in small parts that can be called when needed and can make modifications without doing major…


In this article we are going to explain very briefly what is a shell, how does it work and what happens when you enter a command.

Warning: to fully understand this article you must have basic knowledge about Linux or Unix-based operating systems.

What is a Shell

A shell is a program that allows us to communicate with the operating system through commands given by text. Through a shell you can send orders to your computer to do whatever you want such as running programs, listing files, or connecting to a remote server.

The shell is that famous black screen full of text which…

Electronically in the circuits the addition or resetting of the binaries can be somewhat dangerous, imagine a drone that calculates its height to prevent it from losing the signal from the remote control of the driver of this device, but when calculating this it reaches a limit where the The height value is so high that its value becomes magically negative and the drone only registers going up because he is supposed to be on the ground or maybe underground, losing control of the driver’s signal by climbing much higher.

This happens when a bit level calculated with negative numbers…

Not only in the common life there are libraries to read our books, but also in the programming field they exist, where thanks to them we collect a lot of our work and also organize projects to be better managed.

Initially the libraries tried to separate data definitions from program implementation to isolate small problems and be easier to address. …

Roger Bayron Rendon Munera

Systems Engineer of the Maria Cano University Foundation, CISCO Routing and Switching Studies, currently Full Stack Developer Training in Holberton

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