How Has Student Housing Influenced the Real Estate in India

Indian realty being the second largest sector in the country does have direct link-ups with a number of grounds that play crucial roles in determining the growth of the same.

Does Indian realty share any connection with student housing? Is Indian real estate market influenced by student accommodation? –These are the common questions that happen to stir up the minds of every individual interested in real estate. India, which has more than 34 million students pursuing higher education and which is even way much bigger compared to the number in West, is quite likely to be swirled with the impact student housing has got to leave on the same. Although as a stern notion, the concept of student housing is quite non-existent in India, still as long as the overall accommodation facilities are considered, India realty can never get a comprehensive picture without this unavoidable segment on board.

Student housing is now gaining popularity among the developers and investors alike. This post is going to give you a better understanding about student accommodation and its impending business prospect for Indian real estate. The mounting awareness and rapid enhancement in education, the Indian education industry is, in no way, looming behind. When the number of institutions offering top-end degrees and higher education are increasing beyond the edge, the number of students getting enrolled for the same is also on the verge of crossing the bar. Cities like Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata are experiencing the rise every year and with this, the concept of student housing in India has actually got a new identity.

There is a huge gap discovered between the demand and supply of student housing in India. The educational institutes in India doesn’t have enough provision for their students and the ever growing demand for quality accommodation by students has given rise to this new perception.

Let’s consider the grounds that have played a pivotal role in the growth of student housing in India-

Minimum risk profile- Compared to the risk factors involved in normal housing, student accommodation comes with fewer threats, as the students are always likely to get a financial guarantee from their parents.

Unavailability of land in college/university campus- With the colleges and universities expanding their space for more facilities, the scarcity of land has now become a common issue in more or less every educational institute offer higher studies. The developers have taken the best opportunity of the same and offered best accommodation to the students.

Big break for the investors- The fact that the concept of student housing is always unaffected with the rise and fall in real estate, the builders are always up with the break to convert their existing under-construction properties into several student housing projects. And, the investors looking for rental benefits from their investment in housing sector are most likely to be benefitted from such covenant.

Change in thoughts- With the change in society and in the way people think nowadays, we can no more expect students to live a life full of discipline stuck in a hostel room like a mugger. Their quest to look for separate homes and apartments has led to the rise to housing for students.

Last but not the least; student housing always gives the builders a fair chance to earn a steady income which has not only propelled them to rent out residential projects for students, but has also given them a strong ground to retain their high-income growth.

To conclude, although student housing is still in an untapped form, it can go an elongated way and make huge business in future. Real estate investors in search of high profit based investments can also put in their money and reap exclusive benefits in return.

Author’s Bio- Roger Londhe is a author with sound knowledge about Pune Real Estate. His profound awareness of the field has made him pen forth such an informative content on the above topic.

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