Not Enough Great Opportunities?

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What is a good opportunity?

The dictionary defines an opportunity as,

…a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.

A good opportunity, in our context, is when it’s possible to do something you’re happy doing. Good opportunities are presented all the time. Attending a networking event makes it possible for you to meet the CEO of a big company and land a great job. Going on a date makes it possible to find a life-long partner. Working abroad makes it possible to learn a new language. However, the possibility of something happening does not mean it will happen. Therefore the above examples are only good opportunities.

What is a great opportunity?

A great opportunity is when its probable to do something you’re happy doing. It’s a subtle change that makes a huge difference. Attending a networking event that makes it probable to land a great job through the CEO is a great opportunity. It means that odds are in your favor. It means it’s greater than 50%. However, great opportunities rarely present themselves — if ever. So where do you find them?

Great opportunities come from good ones.

Take the networking event as an example. The CEO showing up is not enough for you to land a job. You have to approach properly, engage in meaningful conversation, offer exactly what the company needs, leave a memorable impression, perform the best in the interviews, and much more. Then, and only then, will possible become probable. That’s when a good opportunity becomes a great one. It requires an absurd amount of preparation, but losing an opportunity to poor preparation is crazier. Do not wait for gold when you can forge your own.

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Capitalize on the good opportunities.

I’ll conclude by suggesting you take as many good opportunities as you can. Constantly forge good into great by research and preparation. Do this and you will find great opportunities around every corner.

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