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The Machinery Journal 24

Curated on August 5, 2017

A Weekly Roundup Of Recent Economic Highlights And Other Interesting News Items Selected From Roger Meyers and Machinery2Go Social Media Feeds.

We hope you find something of value in these recent articles. — Roger Meyers

July Class 8 Truck Orders Up 4% From June; Up 81% Y-O-Y

AAR: July U.S. Rail Traffic Up 2.5% Y-O-Y

Summer Slump in the Showroom Kills July Auto Sales

ISM: U.S. Manufacturing Expanded Again in July; PMI at 56.3%

Chicago PMI: Regional Economy Cools in July; Still Indicating Solid Growth

Dallas Fed: Texas Manufacturing Continued to Expand in July

June U.S. Factory Orders Post Biggest Gain in 8 Months

June U.S. Small Business Borrowing Highest in Nearly 2 Years

U.S. Construction Spending Slips 1.3% in June; Y-T-D Up 4.8% vs. 2016

Here are some other recent items we found interesting:

Fives Landis Corp. Opens Technology Center in U.S.

Manufacturing in the U.S. Is Difficult, But Worth It (I Think)

Millions of Nearly New Cars and Trucks Head to Market This Year

Facebook Researchers Shut Down AI Bots That Started Speaking in a Language Unintelligible to Humans

America, The World’s Next Factory Floor

FAA Ordered to Regulate Airplane Seat Sizes

Tesla’s Model 3 Breaks 300-Mile Range Barrier

Electric Bus Maker Opens Manufacturing Facility in City of Industry

Three Thousand New Manufacturing Jobs in America is Great News, if People are Trained to Do The Work

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Fremont Street, Downtown Las Vegas, 1958 #Humphries

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