SpaceX starship fleet
SpaceX starship fleet

Starfleet, the fictional name given to earth’s space exploration fleet in the TV/movie franchise Star Trek.

We are a long way from having the technological prowess to travel amongst the stars, leaving light speed behind and exploring strange new worlds.
However, we do have the technological capability to travel amongst the planets of our solar system.
This did not stop Elon Musk from naming his latest and most ambitious project to date ‘Starship’. Even though it will not be capable of traveling amongst the stars, well perhaps only our own for that matter.

But some have hinted that Elon might call a bunch of Starships put together a Starfleet. He even mentioned that a Starfleet academy should be created to train the next Starfleet commanders (The commanders part was me :). …

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Future SpaceX space station with artificial gravity

SpaceX, The Elon Musk-let space exploration company, the first commercial company capable of bringing people to low earth orbit.

Besides having achieved feats once deemed impossible under Elon’s leadership. Such as launching, landing and reusing the first stage of their Falcon 9 rocket. Let us look at one possible future endeavor SpaceX could achieve that at this time seems impossible or most unlikely, to say the least.

That feat would be the construction of a space station in low earth orbit with artificial gravity created by centrifugal forces with a completion date at around 2035.

(360-degree render of space station inspired by space odyssey…

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