Like the band Dire Straits sings, some just “want money for nothing and their chicks for free”. Some also want muscles and their manhood with the means of doing so for free.

Many try and take shortcuts to try and fix their low testosterone or get bigger muscles and a…

Weights Over Cardio? Photo credit: Tracy Disbrow Photography

Should I do Crossfit or circuit training? Should I use free weights or machines? Is it better to do higher reps with less weight or more weight and less reps? Should you buy a new F150 truck or should you buy a new sports car? …

With the assumption that you’re a middle-aged guy or gal and newly engaged in a workout program with goals to lose fat, gain a little muscle (which raises your metabolism to help burn fat), look better and be healthier; then this article is for you.

Gym Mistake #1: You’re Just Moving Weight Instead of Engaging the Targeted Muscle(s)

I see this without fail…

Roger Bowman

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