South Africa Wants to Resuscitate Its Arms Industry
Peter Dörrie

Error in the article

The Strategic Defence Package did not include tanks. The Navy got four MEKO A-200 frigates and three Type 209 submarines. The Air Force got (19?) Gripen fighters, (26?) BAE Hawk LIFTs, (30?) Agusta A109 LUH and only four Agusta-Westland Super Lynx maritime helicopters to deploy on the Navy’s frigates. The Army actually got nothing at all, almost their entire truck fleet is about 40 years old and most of the armoured vehicles are of a similar age except the Olifant MBTs which are upgraded 1950s vintage Chieftains. A separate deal to replace some of the Army’s 1970s vintage Ratel IFVs with Patria AMV variants is nearing the production phase.

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