5 Way News Stories Go Viral

Stories that grab the attention of the general public tend to go viral within a matter of minutes…taking over face to face and internet conversations as well as the News headlines. But what is it that makes these stories go viral? Read on to find out.

Emotion invoking stories

As much as some of us deny it, as humans were suckers for a positive story whether it is one that inspires or just makes us smile or laugh. Studies have shown that the most likely news stories to go viral are those that invoke positive feelings. The runner up is in fact the opposite which evoke anger, anxiety and fear.

Baiting stories

Stories that initially bait the reader/watcher are popular viral news stories. Usually the headline will cite a part of the story that makes people want to read on. The headline will give very little away, but make the person that shares it seem more knowledgeable than they actually are enticing their family and social circle to read the article for themselves to find out more so that they are able to comment and join in with the conversation.

Out of the ordinary

We all tire of reading the same news stories over and over which is why whether a tragedy or a great event people are drawn in to read about something different for a change. Anything that is shocking such as an unexpected bomb attack or the miracle birth is likely to gather attention and more likely to be shared quickly going viral in as little as an hour. Something that offers the readers/watchers knowledge such as information about upcoming careers in their area thanks to a new company opening or information on how to do something that others don’t know is quickly shared and re-shared.

Quality information

As much as the story has to draw in attention the quality of how it is written is one of the main things that draws a person to continue to read or watch the information. The way a story is narrated can make the difference between a few lines being read and forgotten to someone reading the information and deciding that it’s something they should share with others.

Headline attention

Just like a book cover people tend to judge a story based on the headline and brief description below. It’s like a sales venture in getting people interested in the best qualities of your product or service before going into the price. It’s the fear of loss and as a human race we are nosey and want to know what’s going to happen next. Giving too much away in a headline will stop people from reading the rest of the story. Make the readers/watchers fear losing out on vital information by giving them a snippet of the most exciting bit and inviting them to watch or read to find out more. Titles such as ‘boy gets pinned under vehicle, what mom does next will amaze you’ grab a lot of attention from the public and people actually want to share it with their friends and family. With the Internet allowing people to instantly post information to the world great stories can go viral faster than ever before.

These are some of the secret sauces that makes a story go viral. Which one of these grabs your attention?