“that stuff arty people are into” caught my attention, because I’m one of them.
Clare Rothwell

Hi Clare! Thank you for your response, it is great to hear your thoughts. Even better to hear that you have already given it a shot, we need more of that :)

As you have discovered the challenges facing the poverty stricken in our country are many and intertwined. Learning a skill can easily be overwhelmed by a lack of transport, poor language skills, unpresentable appearance, sick children… the list goes on.

In my experience your ladies will easily learn skills, its the seemingly secondary activities which are the real problem. Where do we sell these items, how do we package them, can we create a brand, how do we distribute, how do we track finances. These are the truly difficult aspects of business ownership.

I love your thoughts about acting as intermediary with Pick n Pay, or the local craft store. This is the unique role that you, a resourced individual, can play. And it will likely be the difference between success and failure for these aspirant business women.

If you are a reader, can I recommend a book which will provide a great set of hooks to hang your development thoughts on: When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fickert.

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