Fake news sites threaten

False news sites, which are used as a way to make innocent victims of attacks such as phishing, malware and DoS pose a serious risk to companies in particular. Increasingly fake news sites are easily displayed in social media circles such as Facebook and Twitter, increasing the size of the risk. Bitdefender experts warn companies about the negative consequences of fake news sites.


Every day we see hundreds of fake news on the internet. For cybercriminals who have been threatening users for years through email and instant messaging, fake news has become a new transportation mechanism for phishing, malware and other attacks. IT users and security experts need to think about security vulnerabilities created by fake news sites, even if they are not aware of it. Given how harmful these attacks can be, users and companies face a new threat.

Fake news is spreading very fast

Fake news sites are designed to attract as many visitors as possible to increase their online advertising revenue. However, these sites can also make innocent victims victims of identity theft, malware and DoS attacks. The fact that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are helping spread and display fake news content is very worrying about security and privacy. Although companies like Facebook and Google are taking steps to solve the issue of fake news content, the problem is very common and creates serious security threats. source