Message to White House to take Cyber Security seriously — from MIT

  1. 1. KEEPING AMERICA SAFE: TOWARD MORE SECURE NETWORKS FOR CRITICAL SECTORS Cambridge, Massachusetts March 2017 Joel Brenner Report on a Series of MIT Workshops, 2015–2016 With Recommendations for the New Administration ______ MIT Center for International Studies MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative ______

3. MIT Center for International Studies 3 MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative Executive Summary and Recommendations A History of Hesitancy The digital systems that control critical infrastructure in the United States and most other countries are easily penetrated and architecturally weak, and we have known it for a long time. Yet Presidential leadership on infrastructure security has been hesitant and chiefly rhetorical, while system operators have tended to focus on short-term fixes and tactical improvements. Much effort has been devoted to developing better security standards,1 but most standards are merely advisory. Key federal departments, notably but not exclusively homeland security, defense, and energy have devoted significant effort to improving infrastructure security. Examples would be too numerous to cite. But these efforts have not altered the strategic balance. source