Hi Roger, great article and I can fully appreciate your dedication.
Peter Gjersoe

Perhaps there’s a name for our apparent shared affliction, Peter. Great info. 11 pieces really gives you a bag for every purpose. I admire your courage in taking a knife to a nice bag like Tumi to get what you want!

One shift I see both personally and in the market is less need for lots of built-in specialty storage. Accessories like GridIt and Pack Cubes take care of the organization and make packing, unpacking, and bag switching a lot easier.

Having said that, one feature on my Delsey Helium roller(now 5+ years old) that I really like is the sturdy TSA-compliant liquid bag that snaps to the inside of the case using a short strap. At airport security, it easily flips out for X-ray or inspection but stays attached so you’ll never forget it in your rush to collect your items as you clear security.

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