2017: Post-Truth, Post-Intolerance, Post-Understanding

As predicted, 2017 hasn’t started with a wave of tolerance and understanding.

Facebook’s Live feature gained unwanted attention in a viral video of apparently drugged-up black youngsters in Chicago tormenting a white teenager with learning difficulties. They shouted “Fuck Donald Trump” and “Fuck White People”.

While the Chicago Police and CNN pundits downplayed the racial aspects of the attack, social media had no problem linking it to what is seen to be the ongoing demonisation of white people by a section of the Social Justice Left. This is exemplified by the fringe website Everyday Feminism’s stream of material on “Healing from Toxic Whiteness”, Hillary Clinton’s campaigns calamitous misreading of Middle American blue states in the recent Presidential Election, and MTV’s New Year’s resolutions for white men which closed out their 2016.

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