A Letter To Twitter About Bans

Dear Twitter

I’m writing to ask you to save your platform from disaster, and reverse the absurd ban you’ve imposed on hundreds of people, mainly women, all apparently due to “activism” associated with Jessica Yaniv (@TrustedNerd).

You emailed me on 12 July 2019 saying my twitter account @RogSat had been permanently banned, with the following ridiculous allegation:

Your account has been suspended and will not be restored because it was found to be violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, specifically the Twitter Rules against hateful conduct.

You went on to explain:

It is against our rules to promote violence against or directly attack or threaten other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.

None of my tweets have ever attacked or threatened anyone.

It’s notable that the catagories you list don’t include “sex”, recognition of which is a human right.

You are well aware of the problem Twitter moderation has with anyone who speaks up for women’s rights and free speech, whether they be men, women or trans people.

The BBC reports in its 30 May 2019 article Twitter ‘bans women against trans ideology’, say feminists:

In a letter to Twitter director Martha Lane Fox, Fair Play For Women says the company is allowing “a concerted attack on women’s free speech”.

Twitter said its rules are enforced equally for every user, regardless of the commentary they engage in.

However, Twitter does not enforce its rules equally for every user. Here are some examples. There are hundreds more.

First @TrustedNerd, who claims to have manipulated knowledge of Twitter’s internal procedures to have had “hundreds” of women permanently banned. Are women and trans women whose gender identity @TrustNerd does not like not protected under Twitter’s terms of service?

Next is self-identified world expert on fairness in sports @RachelvMckinnon, who, despite tweeting that she wanted “cis people” to “die in a grease fire”, is allowed to remain on Twitter.

As another example, take this ludicrous direct message sent to me by a twitter user claiming I was a “Nazi” and being watching by “Antifa”. Despite clearly wishing harm on me, your moderators ruled this tweet was “not in violation of the Twitter Rules”.

While your email does not give any details of the “hateful conduct” I am accused of, it’s clear my “crime” has been to question a narrow interpretation of “gender identity”, which apparently does not consider that men could wear makeup, or that anyone else is entitled to freedom of belief. Take, for example, this tweet from @RainOfTerra:

Meanwhile, Twitter allows accounts to remain which routinely question the gender identity of others. Consider this tweet exchange between the prominent transexual @BuckAngel and the still-active account @TwinkBackup:

Instead, Twitter is punishing users for disagreement on a new, narrow, never-before-seen-in-any-culture notion of “Gender Identity”. This is not “hate” by any reasonable definition of the word.

Twitter might argue that as a private company it is allowed to enforce whatever rules it wants.

However, as I have shown in this letter, Twitter’s enforcement of its rules is arbitrary and ideological.

As your legal advisers have no doubt warned you, Twitter is opening itself up to thousands of claims for defamation with these absurd and malicious allegations of “hateful conduct”.

I fear some of your executives are deluding themselves into believing that as a multi-billion dollar corporation, Twitter has the corporate might to ignore the the damage done to your brand and service by your de-platforming non-compliant women.

Why are you banking Twitter’s future on pandering to a bizarre ideology that doesn’t recognize women as a biological sex?

Do you really want to ban everyone who thinks @TrustedNerd shouldn’t be compelling ethnic minority women to handle testicles or go out of business?

I hope you’ll take the time to consider the points raised here, and that you’ll restore @RogSat and the hundreds of other accounts that you’ve unfairly banned.

In closing, I should note that I recently wrote to Facebook about similar bans, with evidence that their moderation procedures were being gamed to surpress debate on gender issues. I did not get an official response, but they did silently unban me and restore my pages to full functionality. It seems someone at Facebook was listening. Hopefully, someone at Twitter will be listening too.

I look forward to your response to this letter.


Roger D

Roger edits #satiria on Facebook & Twitter



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