Guardian goes TERF, shocker

“While the Yaniv case has been going on for a while now, you may not have heard much about it, as it has largely been covered by the rightwing press. The sort of outlets that normally joke about consent and women’s rights are now outraged that women are being forced to handle male genitalia against their will. The sort of writers that are normally whipping up hate against immigrants are now outraged and concerned that at least one of the beautificians that Yaniv has filed complaints against is a poor migrant.”

“The long and short of this story is that Yaniv does not seem to be acting in good faith and a lot of women who were running small businesses out of their homes are now being dragged into court and branded as bigots as a result.”

“Yaniv argues that if you are a woman who is uncomfortable working with a penis then you are automatically a “transphobic bigot… committing a hate crime.” Not only is that untrue it makes a mockery of the hate crimes that are committed against trans people every day.”



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