“Someone must have been telling tales about Josef K., for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested.” — The Trial, by Franz Kafka

Facebook is the dystopian future of our nightmares. It’s a bastard chimera of Orwell, Kafka, Huxley and Atwood. Its “Community Standards” are enforced by faceless craven commissars. They make China’s “Social Credit” look transparent and accountable. They rule through fear, threatening to separate us from our friends and families for thougthcrime.

Hi, I’m Roger. I’m back after another 30 day ban from Facebook, for criticising homophobia and sexism. Yes Facebook, which expressly allows promoting violence against non-compliant women, banned me for saying homophobia and sexism are bad things. You couldn’t make it up.

It’s not just me. You’ll see everywhere complaints that Facebook moderators rip the context from posts they censor to pretend that criticising hate is in fact promoting hate, that clearly-signalled jokes are meant to be taken seriously, and pretend that rolling 30-day bans are helping secure their platform for future generations.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it when I told you earlier: Facebook allows posts that promote violence against non-compliant women.

Facebook user Rusty Dubh Sōldner explains that Facebook Community Standards allow posts about choking non-compliant women, but not smashing their skulls.

I’ve been targetted by Facebook moderators for bans before. As the creator and editor of #satiria (on Facebook & Twitter), I’ve long-attracted the ire of the least tolerant, most regressive & repressive bunch of cultural fascists seen in recent times, Radical Islamic Fundamentalists.

#VeganMag, the cause of some minor anguish

Only joking. The Radical Islamic Fundamentalists never gave me any bother for mocking them. Sure, I’ve had abuse from Trump fans and the odd vegan for jokes about The Orange One and Turnip Worrying, but nothing serious. No — the group of people who’ve systematically set out to punish me for having wrong opinions, and who even managed to get me (and hundreds of left-wing feminists…) permanently banned from Twitter are, in fact, those loveable Trans Rights Activists.

In the past, I managed to contact Facebook who (while refusing to comment publically) reviewed and revoked several bans aimed at me. This time, I’ve had no such luck. They simply refuse to respond.

#satiria blasphemy joke

As someone who grew up being bullied for not conforming to expected gender stereotypes, an who has been an ally in LGB circles my whole adult life, it’s come a shock to see even acknowledging the existence of women and same-sex attraction suddenly being declared “hate speech” by self-declared “Progressive” “Left” “activists”.

It’s now routine for the open sexualised, bullying abuse of women to be excused in “woke” “progressive” circles, supposedly in the name of “tolerance”, “inclusion” and “diversity”.

Take the insane reaction to much-loved children’s author J. K. Rowling saying that she loved and supported trans people, but that it was important to remember that the oppression of women is rooted in their biology.

You’d think she’d called for violence against trans people. Indeed, that’s what she has been accused of: even the existence of wrong opinions, whether from progressive children’s authors, left-wing feminists, or even from trans people themselves, is now decried as “violence”.

You might think this is reasonable. To me, it’s the maddest thing I’ve ever seen. Especially when Facebook and Twitter routinely allow sexualised violent threats against women, which are apparently “punching up”.

Tolerant trans Twitter responds to J. K. Rowling

You might think, gentle reader, that kids screeching at J. K. Rowling to suck their lady dicks are a special class that require unfettered access to women’s spaces, sports, prisons and sexualities… But I don’t. I think this shows that the “progressive” “left” has gotten its support for trans rights activism deeply, deeply wrong.

Everyone should be able to live and express themselves however they like. Insisting it’s hate speech to talk about biological sex so obviously takes away rights from women and recognition of the right to be same-sex attracted that one might be left wondering if the so-called progressive movement has actually lost its mind.

What your Year 4 biology textbook didn't tell you about gender theory
No other culture anywhere in history ever believed “trans women are women” before contemporary western gender theory culturally appropriated “third genders”

I’m not alone. Indeed, more and more trans people are speaking out against this insanity, pointing out that every other civil rights victory in history didn’t gain victory by screeching hatred and intolerance at women: they gained victory by showing they were perfectly reasonable, normal people, and that their rights didn’t mean anyone had to change the meaning of words, or brainwash themselves to believe incontrovertible scientific facts, like how babies are made, are in fact social constructs.

Trans Activist Gender Ideogogy explains sexuality, 101.

This blog post, however, isn’t about them. It’s about how ridiculous Facebook policies are punishing thousands of users with absurd bans, separating them from the friends and families for weeks on end, using fear to enforce a fringe ideological view, all for speaking out against intolerant “trans rights activism”.

Facebook’s “Community Standards” which, lest we forget, allow posts promoting the choking of non-compliant women.

How did it come to this?

Facebook: why do you think it’s OK to allow the promotion of violence against non-compliant women? What is that about?

Roger edits #satiria (on Facebook & Twitter).


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