The Turnbull cybersecurity policy, not enough cheese

Cybersecurity is a touchy subject.

Everyone wants the government and those in politics to do something about it.

But, when it comes to cybercrime the solution is not that easy.

We all think that cybersecurity (Digital Security) is unimportant!

That’s an IT problem / issue!

Its someone else’s problem!

Someone else will look after it.

The anominity of the digital world makes anything and everything possible. We can no longer be sure of who we are communicating with, and even the friends we know could have been compromised making any conversation insecure.

“Why should I protect myself in the digital world” is a question we hear daily in the industry. I have done enough, I have anti virus! This attitude comes from C level Execs, Board members, managers in all level of industry and commerce as well as people at the coal face.

The announcement from the Turbull government shows, once again, that we are not looking at a solution to the problem but another way to endorse the attitudes of the big business and government departments.

The attack surface in the digital world is huge. The introduction of IOT will compound the issues associated with protection 100 fold.

Think of a beach and each grain of sand is an application, website, IOT device, Operating system or smart device. The problem is visibility, how do we know what is happening below the surface, behind the scenes?

We don’t! No one on the planet can!

I have friends who can hack smart phones, TV, fridges, record where you are and what you are saying and you would not even know it was happening. Nothing on the screen, no flashing apps, nothing!

Attitudes need to change!

Cybersecurity has to be holistic! It has to include any and all components of a business in the protection of that business.

There is no silver bullet that will put down the Cybercrime werewolf. Anyone that sells you a silver bullet is exposing your organisation to untold problems. Not just because you have bought into the hype, but you have also forgotten that there are other ways to compromise a system than what they are protecting you against.

Trust no one, if you are connected to the digital world no matter the device or the reason. Trust No One!

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