Will the anominity of the Internet be our downfall


The one thing that separates the digital world from the real.

In the real world, try wearing a mask everywhere, who will talk to you?

Who will interact with you?

Who will be your friend?

In the digital world it is different. We all wear masks. We all post pictures to our thousands of followers of the person we are not.

Pretty pictures of people we are not.

We display a version of ourselves, of who we want to be.

Ask anyone online about their profile picture. How old is it? Is it really them? Has it been photoshopped?

I have a slide in one of my speaches when I am talking about social media, which shows a beautiful young girl that then morphs into a grumpy old man. In the digital world you cannot tell the difference.

That anominity is our protection, it is our invisibility, it is our security.

That is why the cybercriminal is so effective. They use our understanding of the real world and thousands of years of conditioning to infiltrate our digital world. To them it is easy. Give us something shiny to chase and we will tell the world about it.

They usurp our understanding and manipulate, control and steal our digital persona.

We do not think we are victims. But we are!

Victims of identity theft, victims of theft, victims of our own destructive stupidity. We become prime targets when we say it will not happen to me, we have nothing worth stealing or the digital criminal is stupid.

We are the stupid ones.

We are all victims of our own misunderstanding of the digital world.

Our attitudes has to change. The digital world is not unicorns and rainbows! It is a land filled with Trolls, criminals and people hiding behind their masks. People disguising themselves to either protect themselves or to hurt others – or both.

Our attitude to the digital world has to change!

To protect ourselves we have to be paranoid. Paranoid in a good way. In the digital world, everyone is after you, after what you represent, after your digital assets. Therefore being paranoid is not bad, in fact it is good.

We also have to apply common sense to everything we do on the Internet. There is no such thing as good enough. Good enough protection is not good protection.

Thanks, I will go put my mask back on and go and pick on someone my own age. Oh look shiny!!!!

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