Trump’s Right: The Election IS Rigged, and the Press Is Rigging It
Traditional Tradesman

Not only did the media spend all their time bashing Trump, they ensured that he was the GOP nominee as well by giving Trump all of the press during those elections as well. It was Trump this, Trump that, Trump is so anti establishment, Trump came out of left-field, Trump’s Wall, Trump’s racist remarks, Rubio-Bot 3000, Trump’s Dick, Trump’s Tweet clowning on Jeb and Cruz, Trump invited Hilary to his wedding, etc.

Put it this way, on Black Tuesday which is the single most important day of the GOP nominations, CNN had a big picture of TRUMP VS CLINTON 2016 article posted on their homepage. Mind everyone that Black Tuesday is the day that pretty much tells everybody who they should be expecting to win the nomination. To insinuate that Trump and Hilary is the “fight of the century” as far as politics is concerned, is the media directly manipulating the confused, uninformed voter’s opinion on which candidate is most relevant.

Know why? Because the Clinton campaign was seriously afraid that going against Rubio was going to blow their chances of getting in. That is of course considering the most recent emails wikileaks just released. Rubio was an Obama level threat in their eyes and even Ted Cruz was considered a credible threat. Trump on the other hand is a buffoon. One the media manufactured into a POTUS contender.

How do we stop this without fucking with the 1st amendment?