Apple just told the world it has no idea who the Mac is for
Owen Williams

Yeah that touchbar is totally lame. Honestly I think things started going down-hill as soon as they started giving their customers the choice to choose between one product or another to establish more affordable price points.

Its like if they had one macbook, one tablet, one watch, one phone, and one tv box bundled together for $2500–3000 each year and they were like you can’t even get these individually because our user experience is of one synergy, they’d almost be impossible to compete against because their brand is that big of a deal.

Of course you perhaps don’t feel the need to upgrade to a new tv box each year or a new watch but then again Apple should definitely be capitalizing on the notion that they can give away old Apple devices to people who don’t use these devices and Apple could reward the person with app store credit for that person having a new credit card thats never been on file before being seen for the first time.

I think the most provocative instinct of steve jobs when it came to good design as taking away the option from people who weren’t any good at it. Right now it’s like Apple is having a problem making their business model as intuitive as their tech appears the first time you use it look clearly out into the world when all you had before was the clouded view of looking through dusty Windows all your life.

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