Yelp Fired A Single Mother Today: Me
Jaymee Senigaglia

She mentions “single” mother 50 times and then it turns out she has a bf that she is so close with (even calls him family at the end) that she is going to be his caretaker when he gets hurt. Him combined with her family that pays her rent, sounds like a great support system, Yet she claims that she does it all by herself. My favorite part was that she missed work because her kid put her keys in the fridge (the adult version of the dog ate my homework).

I understand what it’s like to balance work and kids (I have two), but the responsibility I have with them should not be a burden for my employer. You were a brand new employee and you kept taking time off. If you were my employee I wouldn’t be happy either. It’s not your fault tho, it’s your generation that expects everything handed to them (you mention you don’t want handouts but then in the same breath mention that your family pays your rent). The fact is $2500 is over 2x my mortgage, but you felt the need to move to the most expensive city in the US on a $12 an hour paycheck. But no, it’s not your fault. Nothing ever is.

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