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I think the most telling line of the article is that the author , Julius Streicher, was executed as a war criminal. We have seen the horrific holocaust when Hitler used the Jews,the Roma, the Gays, the Christians, the Elderly,and the Disabled as scapegoats. The draconian sanctions after WWI set the stage for HItler’s rise. We learned so that after WWII, we rehabilitated the Germans and the Japanese. Now they are great powers. We do not need to repeat the lessons of WW!. IN fact Trump in addition to using the big Goebells lies to manipulate people is also acting like Chamberlin by being an appeaser to Putin. American wake up before the brown shirts are at your door because you will be the scapegoat. Trump’s only interest is how big of a tax cut he will get if he is president and how many nobid contracts he can give to his businesses.

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