I’m Done Pretending Silicon Valley Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

I don’t think you’re trying hard enough to find truly visionary applications of tech if your only example is Elon Musk.

See: ETH and smart distributed contracts, GRAIL and detecting cancer through DNA tests, Deepmind’s 40% energy optimization of Google’s data centers, littlebits evangelizing smart hardware education among children, Clever using a unified API to simplify educational technology in 89 of the top 100 school districts in America, Zipline using on-demand drones to distribute critical blood and medicine in developing nations, HandUp crowdfunding for homelessness, Uber innovating on self-driving cars, pol.is coordinating the political process between government and citizens — I can go on and on.

You discount the fact that for every 2 entrepreneurs creating the next welfare app for San Francisco techies, there is somebody trying to augment humanity through any number of applications/technology/layers, from something as simple as 3D printed prosthetics, to something as profound as hunting for immortality and replicating the dead through artificial intelligence.

The Valley is what you make of it and there are plenty of opportunities to work on what you think matters.