Wow! That is the biggest piece of human excrement article I have ever read.
Tony Spera

Please indicate where that haunted house that Ed Warren grew up in is located please? I believe that was never disclosed. Everything in the article was researched thoroughly. You were right also, it wasn’t Frank Zaffis, but that can be remedied with a name change. Making the article one hundred percent correct. The Warren family has repeatedly been in court throughout the years, because of their lies’ and hoaxes’. They are a fraud and if you follow in their footsteps’ that means that you are also a fraud. Fact not fiction. There are plenty of people in the paranormal who are looking for honest truths’. May I suggest you follow in their footsteps’ instead. Leave the Crookes alone. In interviews’ that Ed did in the seventies’ with his nephew, he clearly stated that he convinced his wife that she had abilities’. Surely the story you just stated must have been added later though. Edd and Loraine did do their investigations’ for free, but how much money did they make off of the movies’ they made? As a matter of fact they claimed that they helped a family in a farm house and that family denied that as the truth. The father actually punched Edd in the face and told him to leave the premises.

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