Transparency Or Utter Destruction Of Civilized Society?

Differentiating what does not make since and what is truth, is where allot of self searching evaluation starts. A since that we decide our own futures’ for ourselves’. When being raised from children into adulthood, we tend to except those things’ taught to us, naturally and without question as being truth. The people that we came into contact with all through our youth, literally, had the power to develop each of us into what we became in life. Just as the environment that we were raised in also. We take those values’ for granted, and what seems normal became our safety nets’. So much that we internalize them and made them who we are. All of our actions’ and thoughts’, where determined by these things’ that we held so dear, and they begins to flourish. Growing to the extent that no matter what happened outside of our norm, our belief in what we thought true remained unharmed and secure. Soon we get to the end of the road it seems, where we decide that things’ aren’t what they appear to be. Searching for the truth of what we lost or never had in the first place.

As I reached a stage in my life, where all expectations’ that I set for myself crumbled around me, I began to question. The feeling that something was just not right set in, and for the first time I wanted to find out what the truth really was. Those old self expectations’, set up levels’ of pride in me that I never even thought I had. Pride comes before the fall is what I have heard so many times, but, pride is a sneaky devil that latches’ onto its prey with all its fervor. As each phase of my life with all violations’ committed to my self expectations’ occurred, guilt set in, how I thought of myself also became negative and my self worth all but vanished. This of course, was the result of me looking out at the world and thinking that I did not match up to what the world had expected from me as a person. This seems to have been the case my whole life, going off of what the world expected me to be and then beating myself up when I did not accomplish matching up to those standards’. These standards’ that I placed upon myself effected my every action and choice in life. I have always deep down inside of myself, wanted to comply with society and do what I felt society wanted me to do, but something fought against that desire. I would revolt every time and do things’ my own way. Most of the time ending in failure.

We search and the more we find the uglier it gets. Things’ were not what we were taught, nor, where they what we thought was truth in the first place. Values’ that were taught to us were actually not fact at all. What these ideas’ and beliefs’ were seemed to be actually frustrations’ that pushed us in the direction that society wished for us to follow. Not in the direction of happiness, understanding, love or anything that we each hold dear. Not only do things’ in our life not work the way we thought they did, but they never have. That is fine though, because these vary same things’ that show no evidence of fact, truth or anything good, created stability. It helped us, so that we could maintain and make life bearable. It produced what is commonly referred to as gratitude, for accomplishing tasks’ that we didn’t want to do. Because of these experiences’ our values’, and who we are as a person change also. Our beliefs’ of how we fit in, where our place in life is and what the meaning of life itself is changed too. As we got older, our trust in government, religion, family and friends’ slowly dwindled. We learned about secrecy and we were taught to be honest, but something still told us inside that things’ were not always the way they are now. We believed that government and business should be open and transparent, when history showed us that they never were. Instead, our society has historically thrived off of secrecy and agendas’, unseen by it’s citizens’.

As I searched for the truth, I found evidence that my perception was actually skewed and out of proportion. My sense of what was normal and my values’ were dramatically changed from that point on. Questions’ had to be answered, but the more answers’ I found the more those questions’ that were answered hurt. Still, I searched and as time went by the pain went away. I had to make a decision for myself about what my beliefs’ were, and what they were not. I no longer believed in a lie, in order to feel some type of organized order in the world. Some rational explanation for why I am on this planet, or my importance in life and a reason for why I seem to have no control of anything at all. I began to look at myself differently and I could see the world through a new pair of eyes’. My selfish values and moral needs no longer dictated what reality was anymore, and my thoughts’ and beliefs’ were mine alone. I was no longer a child, so I was no longer as important to my family or friends’, as what the children in their lives’ were. Just as I am not as important as what the children in my life are to me, because these are normal drives’ that we all have and the natural order of things’. Change is hard though for people my age and that is the trick, changing after maturity. I do not wish to be a close minded old man who does not see anything outside of myself, my thoughts’ or beliefs’. I wish to be free, so I have to learn how to change on a daily basis in order to see the truth. I no longer give credit where credit is due, or, give it to people that don’t deserve it. I don’t create heroes’ nor do I believe in them, because history shows that heroes’ are made to be used.

We live in a world that was created off of the backs of brave men and women, yet, the credit is always given to leaders’. A society that fights for ideas’ that create laws’ which restrict our freedoms’, yet, fights against the things’ that give us those freedoms’. We have always had struggles’, between our freedoms’ as a society, and our freedoms’ as individuals’. History was written by the people who won the battle, not, what the facts’ were and how things’ actually happened. Popular thought rules our world over rational explanation. Transparency implies’ that there is a barrier, something that blocks us from what we need to see. The Constitutional Convention was held in secrecy, and the ideologies of the Constitution, were thought of by John Locke first. These things’, were not taught to our children in school and for a reason. During childhood it is important that we be instilled with a sense of patriotism toward our society, and we believe every word of it without question. We use these values’ that are taught, in order to organize with a strong and effective bases. All the while, comparing ourselves’ to other societies’ that compete against us.

Tell people the truth and see how many deny it, or fight against it tooth and nail. Let them know that our freedoms’ are based upon oath and contract. A legal contract that binds’ us to our societies’ and take away freedoms’. This is done at birth to protect our sovereignty, and its called consent. Accusations’ concerning the straw man theory will occur. Still the facts’ state clearly that the straw man exist, and still we deny its truth. To even fathom the idea that our Constitution was created to force the individual into consenting to the general will, over his own personal will is unconscionable. These great men who gathered to give freedom to you and I, are clearly read in history books’. What isn’t written though, is the fact that our freedoms’ were given because men walked out of that convention. Not because men signed a contract, which gave the government the right to arrest its citizens’, according to the general will of course.

Each of us will age, and personal change will become harder as time passes. Instead of using new information for changing into something new, we will use it to reinforce our old beliefs’ and way of thinking. What we learn usually stems’ from old ideas’, but we will call it a new idea. Previous experiences that we structure our lives’ around, with a few new ideas’ and experiences’. Creating a safety net that reinforces our perception of reality. The more things’ change, the more they stay the same and life goes on. Change comes when we change our surroundings’, experiences’, rolls’ in life, and our ability to adapt to new people, places’ and things’.

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