Writing Ourselves Alive: Drop the Struggle‬ and Trust Your Life!

For much of my life I wasn’t even aware that I was struggling. It was so normal, and often so subtle — the background banter in my head as I went about my day — that I never even thought to call it a struggle; until, that is, I gradually became intimate enough with myself and my experience to acknowledge the feeling tones with which I moved through the day, and to see through the ways I made my own life so needlessly difficult.

Call it the natural wisdom of aging if you like; if I have not learned to drop the struggle by now, I probably never will.

This has inspired the direction for my new book which is coming out this September, as well as a new creative exploration integrated into my writing immersions and online workshops for self-discovery.

“Dropping the Struggle‬” is the title of my new book and a new conversation I’ve started on my platform with my growing community.

I invite you to join this new conversation in preparation for my upcoming book, “Dropping the Struggle”, and discover the ways in which you may be resisting the natural flow in your life.

I’ll be sharing insights from my new work to inspire you to drop the struggle and love the life you have on my Facebook Page!

Struggle happens for all of us… So it must have a place in the scheme of things; but I for one have spent way too much time struggling for what struggle can never accomplish.

For struggle is not the same as effort — what is sometimes called ‘right effort’. We all need to make effort in every area of our life; effort that allows us to fulfill an intention or will edge us toward what we know to be true even if we don’t inhabit it now.

Life doesn’t just provide us with food and shelter as a natural right. If you are anything like me, you didn’t make it through college without effort. Effort is a natural exertion of the personal will toward a specified end.

But struggle is an added push to life that is born of fear. Ultimately, it is born of the fear of not surviving; of dissolving and disappearing, not just as a physical form but as a psychological self. Struggle reinforces the ego’s identity. It is one of the ways the ego asserts its feeling of existence.

Yet struggle will never get us the things that we want more than anything in the world — love, meaning, presence, the freedom from anxiety over the past and future, contentment with ourselves exactly as we are, imperfections and all, the acceptance of our mortality — because these things lie outside the ego’s domain. They belong to a different frequency of our being alive.

For these, we need another way. That way begins and ends in surrender; in letting go of our resistance to life as it presents itself.

We struggle with reality when we lose touch with the dimension of our being that is not defined by our egoic identity. Who or what is larger than the ego? You are. This book is dedicated to that larger, undefinable you; to reminding you to rest back into the life that you already have, just as it is.

And I say “reminding you” because deep down we already know.

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