They Left

In the middle of nowhere it’s where I am
on the darkest road
All most without gas
I’m being hunted
I don’t know where a I’m 
I don’t know where to go
And I’m being hunted

Hunted for the mistakes that I made
For the doubts that I had
Hunted for the ghosts that I created
I’m hunted by my past

I’m nervous, of course I’m nervous
But I don’t need to think
I know what a need to do
And before I notice I’m running

I don’t care about the curves
Slow down is not a option 
I change the stick and keep running 
They are right on my back
Trying hard to make me crash
My chances are bad, I know
The speed clock do not move anymore
180 Km/h never felt so slow

But the time passes
And I keep without looking back
Simple as that
They left

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