As far as Jesus and governing, I think we basically agree.
John Roberts

I don’t like the alcoholism comparison. Although there are people genetically predisposed to alcoholism, if they never have a drink, they cannot be an alcoholic. Also, alcoholics can give up alcohol and live happy, productive lives.

Neither of these are true of LGBT. A gay man can be gay having had only heterosexual sex or even no sex at all. Likewise, so called ‘reparative therapy' has proven so completely unsuccessful, that one of the leading proponents of it admit they’ve never verified a true ex-gay conversion.

A better analogy in my book is right/left handedness. A left-handed person can be trained to use their right hand, but it will never be natural or comfortable. There is no evidence that it is possible for a lefty to be reprogrammed into a righty, but a lot of evidence of the harm caused by the attempt.

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