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I would disagree on only one point, e.g. that Pence’s beliefs of 20 years ago necessarily determine his current beliefs.

Twenty years ago, I also believed that homosexuality was a behavior, that as a behavior it could be changed, and if you chose not to change it, it was a sin. I also believed that ex-gay therapy could work.

With the failure of ex-gay therapy, I have since come to understand that homosexuality is not a behavior, but rather an orientation. That as an orientation, it cannot be changed. And if it cannot be changed, it’s not a sin.

I’m not defending Pence, nor arguing that his views have changed. What I am saying, however, it that his support of ex-gay therapy of 20 years ago does not necessarily determine his current view.

That said, I seriously doubt if his views on “the sin of homosexuality” have changed, but I would rather concentrate on his recent statements as opposed to those 20 years past.

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