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It’s about time someone said this. My daughter ran afoul of the Breastfeeding Nazis. She had twins by C-section. Both babies were in the NICU with breathing and eating problems. Between traveling and feeding and pumping, she got very little good sleep. Her husband couldn’t help her. It was all on her, and she had pretty severe post-partum depression.

And STILL they pressured her to breastfeed exclusively.

It took a year of antidepressants and therapy to get her back on an even keel. How much of this was a result of the pressure to breastfeed is not known, of course, but it didn’t help.

For her next set of twins (yep, two sets of twins) she started pumping immediately. She still breast fed as often as possible, but they used a bottle when necessary. Her husband could take the night feeding so she could get the rest she needed, and he got to have some binding moments with his sons too.

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