So I guess when Paul tells us to follow his example as he follows Christ, he went back to his ways…
Rich Griffith

My accountability is to Christ who taught us:

  1. To love others as ourselves
  2. To NOT judge others
  3. To think of others more highly than ourselves.
  4. That bad trees cannot produce good fruit.

What sort of fruit is the anti-LGBT policy producing?

  • Is the Church increasing? No, it’s not. Church attendance is the lowest it’s ever been in the US.
  • Is the anti-LGBT stance bringing people to Christ? Again, no. Just the opposite, in fact.
  • Is the Lord’s name being glorified? Nope, Christ is viewed less favorably today than ever.
  • Did you know that fully two thirds of gay people who grew up in the church, leave the faith and never return? That’s far above the average.
  • Did you know that gay youth who grew up in the church are far more likely to attempt suicide? Is that really acceptable?

None of this is good fruit, which according to Christ himself, means that it can’t come from a good tree. And it should be cast into the fire along with the rest of the bad.

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