Standing Rock Reveals the True Colors of Both the Media and the Democratic Party
Tony Brasunas

Some Democrats accept campaign contributions that are essentially personal bribes from the banks and fossil fuel corporations that stand to profit from ecological nightmares like the Dakota Access Pipeline

Who are the “fossil fuel companies” really? Billionaires smoking cigars and drinking brandy while they chuckle over their ill-gotten gains?

Or are they hundreds of thousands of working stiffs from oil field workers to office workers to refinery workers, all of whom depend on a healthy oil industry? Or are they thousands of businesses whose livelihoods depend on the oil companies, both suppliers and customers? Or the construction jobs that the pipeline provides and the local businesses that cater to them, motels, stores, restaurants, etc? Or even the millions of working people who have oil shares as part of their retirement accounts?

Nothing is isolated anymore. Everything depends on everything. It’s not a simple case of a few billionaires vs. a few Native Americans, land-rapers vs. “water protectors”, or oppressors vs. oppressed.

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