Start your own Uber for plumber within 24 hours at just $1999,


We have exactly what you’re looking for, Don’t waste any more time! Completely White Label venture for just $1999 we will setup a scalable Server, install your powerful Admin Dashboard, setup Web App for your users, change logo & creative pieces like Splash Screen etc, recompile and launch iOS and Android native apps for your customers and providers.


Users can track the whereabouts of their Plumber and also locate the nearest one to their location without wasting time.


Users have the liberty to change their mind and cancel a booking at any point of time.


Customers and Plumbers can use the app itself to call or message each other regarding any queries.


An excellent front end website for your customers to login, book a service, pay, give feedback and check service history.


Warn the other customers by leaving a detailed review on the service using the review option.


Customers can create a detailed profile and maintain it all on the app for future references.


Check out some exciting features you will see on your app.

Your Customers can always see where the nearest plumbers are in real time in your customer facing mobile apps.

Your customers have the comfort of changing or cancelling a booking at any time.

Your plumber workforce can work in an hour that’s comfortable for them. They do not have to work at a time that is inconvenient.

With our Customer and Plumbers apps, your clientele and plumber can chat or call from within the app.

Your customers and Plumbers can create and maintain a detailed profile so that you will know your ecosystem better.

Both the plumbers and your customers can see the history of jobs with reviews so there’s constant improvement.

Web Feature

Exciting web features designed to make things more convenient for you, 
your customers and the mechanics!

The web app and the mobile app are both well synchronized, like booking a service on the web app but paying on the mobile app!

Online payment is always easier than handing cash over. This feature allows you to make your payment through PayPal. Easy and quick isn’t it?

Almost everything can be controlled from the Admin panel. If you want to make any changes the admin panel will allow you to do so. You have full control!