Vegan guide to Iceland
Ragnar Freyr

Hey Ragnar, I love the insight you were able to provide. I am traveling to Iceland July 18 from Seattle Washington, and i have made a small print out map of all the locations that you mentioned that sound awesome for vegan food.

I will be driving the ring road for a week with my girlfriend, and had two questions. First, we plan on stocking up on vegan snacks i saw two specialty grocery stores in your list, but was curious as to what your favorite location would be to stock up on things to take with us? Secondly, we’ll be arriving around 10 AM and was curious which place you would recommend for breakfast/brunch for vegans.

There is a strong chance we may get wild and just order from 3 or 4 of these restaurants and get the food “to go” so we can sample it all since we’re on a tight schedule, haha. We’ll be in Rek for a few hours the first day, and then the last day for a little longer, if you’re available come get fat with us and eat that would be rad too. Anyway, Thanks for all the cool info!

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