25 Things About Life I Wish I Had Known 10 Years Ago
Darius Foroux

Most of these points are valid for everyone at all stages of life. However, several of the points are arguably wrong, or are true only on a sliding scale — more true for young people just starting out, and less true for older people. I would argue against 4, 16, and 24. As for point 4, being “in love” has no real relevance to the success and duration of relationships. Point 16 — absolutely do exercise your Judgement — and while you’re at it, hold others responsible and accountable for their actions. Point 24 — I know it’s kewl to say, “Live in the Present Moment”, but the next person that tells me that, I’m gonna kick ’em in the arse. I propose this version, “Live 80% in the present, 15% in the future, and 5% in the past.” It’s okay to Reflect on your life, successes and failures. Point 24 is more applicable to young people just starting out, much less so for older folks. One point that is missing and absolutely should have been in this list of suggestions, “Listen to, and TRUST (follow through on) your intuition.” That little voice you hear, that strange uneasy feeling you get in your gut, trust it.

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