Ch. 10 Exercise 10.3

Advertisement: Robin Williams Apple iPad Air Commercial

  1. Different imagery of people using their iPad in different ways within their careers or passions with different cuts of beautiful culture and beautiful scenery.
  2. Emotional orchestra music in the background of Robin Williams spoken word about poetry and how important it is.
  3. Slice of Life and Spokesperson
  4. Robin Williams is giving a speech about poetry while there’s beautiful orchestral music in the background. Throughout the ad you see different shots of scenery, locations, and culture. Different people are being shown using their iPad Airs in varying ways to highlight the versatility of the product.
  5. Anyone with a passion for anything, mainly millennials but honestly it could be anyone who needs a tablet for their career/passion that can make their lives much easier.
  6. One product that can do everything that they need and can make everything much simpler and convenient
  7. Other than buying the product itself, there wasn’t much of a call to action. You could say Robin Williams is making a call to action for more appreciation for poetry and how important the art is.